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Lakeside Elementary School

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School Fast Facts
School Specifics
School Name Lakeside Elementary School
School Address 129 Lakeside Dr
Honesdale, PA 18431
Telephone Number 570-253-6820
Grades Offered 3, 4, 5
Title I School Y
Average Years of Educational Experience (Total) 17.69
Average Years of Educational Experience (In LEA) 16.88
School Enrollment 417
Percent of Gifted Students 0.48
Dropout Rate (Percent) Not Available
Supporting Intermediate Unit (IU)
Intermediate Unit Name Northeastern Educational IU 19
Intermediate Unit Website
Percent Enrollment By Ethnicity
American Indian/Alaskan Native (not Hispanic) 0.24
Asian (not Hispanic) 1.2
Black or African American (not Hispanic) 0.24
Hispanic (any race) 5.28
Multi-Racial (not Hispanic) 3.36
White (not Hispanic) 89.45
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (not Hispanic) 0.24
Percent Enrollment by Student Groups
Economically Disadvantaged 52
English Learner 0.72
Special Education 21.34
Percent Enrollment by Gender
Female 47.72
Male 52.28
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School Safety Report
Special Education Data Report
State Audit
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